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Game Programmer and Web Developer.


a little bit of information

I'm Dr.Yami, I code web and games

My name is Cuong Nguyen, and I am currently an international student at Finland's Oulu University of Applied Sciences learning Software Engineering. For Web Development, I mostly do the back-end work and minor UX design. At the front-end, I have experience working with Javascript and HTML/CSS. I am currently learning digital design and vector graphics for my work.

Besides web development, I am also a game programmer working for various indie game studios. I have a vast amount of experience programming for 2D games, especially within the J-RPG genre. I am experienced working with game engines, such as RPG Maker and Love 2D. I am also learning how to use Unity3D with its 2D features.

As for general programming, I am experienced with using C++, C#, Ruby, Python, Lua and Javascript. I have mostly recently taken up learning Qt for PC Software Development.

In my spare time I enjoy listening to a wide range of music, and I am currently learning to produce my own music for the purpose of using it in my games. I also take interest in Japanese culture, especially related to anime/manga. That is the reason why I chose my favorite character as a profile picture instead of my own face (though I have a picture of myself on LinkedIn).

I hope people love my work.


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